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Kurvv closes $1MM seed round to make Machine Learning available to SMBs

Sep 5, 2019 8:56:41 AM / by Admin

“Well, this is over engineered…” went through Ryan Lee’s mind while working at Microsoft as a Data Science PM. Tasked with the goal of guiding Machine Learning solutions to help enable a sales and Marketing, Ryan was constantly balancing minimums to develop a ML solution that’d meet the needs of a project quickly and the ability to bring more data and modeling in that solution. He noticed a trend, 80% of problems could be solved with a more standardized approach and have accuracy that was still impressive. This was the genesis that started Kurvv.

Ryan and his co-founders bootstrapped the first few customer engagements to help test this hypothesis that Machine Learning models can be relatively generalized to solve similar problems for multiple customers. Flash forward 4 months, Ryan and the team have closed their seed funding round of $1M (lead by SEMA Translink Investment) to build out their Data Science as a Service Platform. The model is relatively simple: Create Machine Learning models that work off of structured data sources and apply the outcome to marketing channels or ingest back into a business. And this approach allows for 10X the cost efficiency and 10X the speed which improves traditional methods by a factor of 100.

“In the US, there are 6 times more job openings for Data Scientists than there are qualified candidates, creating about a 10-year backlog of projects within companies”
Kurvv is focused on customers that may have a need, but no technical resources to identify opportunities to apply machine, not actually build them. One of their first customers, a local boutique hotel, had 8 years of CRM and behavioral data from stays at their hotel. With Kurvv, they focused on customers that had churned out of being high value customers and sent a targeted email campaign. Within the first 24 hours, customers re-activated and booked another stay with the hotel and collectively drove $35K in incremental revenue.

In the coming months, Kurvv will roll out their first public facing beta that will enable customers to upload their own data via API and run various models on that data that will automatically pinpoint best uses and build the associated models while allowing it for immediately use. If interested, sign up for their wait-list, here.

About 9 Dozen ML, Inc (DBA, Kurvv)

9 Dozen ML, Inc (DBA Kurvv) is a machine learning platform that allows for non-technical business professionals to select, train and apply machine learning to their business. Based in Bellevue, Washington. Please visit www.kurvv.ai or follow us on Twitter @kurvv_ai.

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