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Announcing New products & integrations with Shopify, Square and Mailchimp

Jan 28, 2020 4:14:03 AM / by Ryan Lee

Hello from chilly Seattle!

Today we’re announcing the public availability of three important integrations: Shopify, Square and Mailchimp. Both Shopify and Square integrations allow you to connect directly from those platforms to Kurvv’s Machine Learning service. Our Mailchimp service allows for you to directly push the results from Kurvv to Mailchimp for your email campaigns.

Here is a quick scenario: Connect Shopify to Kurvv to run our Lifetime Value [LTV] machine learning algorithm. Your customers will be bucketed into three groups of high, medium, low predicted lifetime value based upon attributes of their historical purchases [read more about Kurvv’s models, here]. These segments then are pushed to Mailchimp for your business to run targeted email campaigns.

With our integration into Mailchimp, you’re also able to create and name custom columns so that your business can run automated campaigns from these targeted lists. Every time you run the LTV model in Kurvv, the results are automatically pushed to Mailchimp.

What else is included in this release:

Shopify Source Models Available:

  1. Lifetime Value
  2. Product Recommendation Engine
  3. Propensity Scoring


Square Source Models Available:

  1. Lifetime Value
  2. Product Recommendation Engine [Coming very soon]
  3. Propensity Scoring [Coming very soon]


It is our mission at Kurvv to make Machine Learning accessible and available to everyone, and we believe that this release marks an important first step in that journey. We look forward to your feedback!

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Ryan Lee

Written by Ryan Lee